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UK tour! UK special editions! Everything cool I know about Britannia!

In a few weeks, I’ll be in the UK. Here’s everything you need to know about tour dates, special editions, ribbon bookmarks and fancy Tatty Devine necklaces.

I wish I could tell Park and Eleanor about this.


So, this is the news I’ve been keeping secret so long, and I’m super-super excited about it.

I signed a deal with Calista Brill at FIRST SECOND BOOKS to write two graphic novels.

The first will be a collaboration with Faith Erin Hicks, the writer/artist of SO MANY GREAT COMICS, including Friends with Boys.

This all happened because of mutual admiration and Twitter. My career advice is now: Get excited about the things you love, and then TELL EVERYONE.

Fill your bomb shelters with hardbacks.

This column reads a little newspapery. (My voice always shifted when I was writing my columns, it’s such a wide general audience.) But I still like it. It’s about loving e-books, but feeling like we’ll want paper copies to see us through the Apocalypse.

Reading — whatever doesn’t kill you makes you softer.

I decided to wrangle up some of my old columns about reading. Here’s one about the Dire Effects of Reading on the Body and the Mind. “Everything is better in books. And only a fool would rather live than read. Living is what you promise yourself you’ll do after the next chapter.”