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October. My favorite month. Which, by the way, has only half begun.

Some find it melancholy. “October,” Bono sings, “and the trees are stripped bare.”

Not I. There’s a chill in the air that lifts my heart and makes my hair stand on end. Every moment feels meant for me. In October, I’m the star of my own movie—I hear the soundtrack in my head (right now, it’s “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”)—and I have faith in my own rising action.

I was born in February, but I come alive in October.

What’s this? ANOTHER “Attachments” deleted scene? Is it your birthday?

Read the original first page, a scene where Lincoln’s mother laments, then celebrates, then laments his new job. Including: Excellent career advice! References to eunuchs! Kittens! Nuns! Kidneys!

It’s “Attachments” paperback release day! Celebrate with delicious deleted scenes . . .

Meet Lincoln’s straight lesbian girlfriend! Play Addams Family Pinball! Get a little more Doris in your life!

Hey, everybody, it’s an “Attachments” deleted scene!

A special “Star Trek”-flavored deleted scene. I really liked this one. I wish I could remember why I cut it …